List of the first LGBT holders of political offices in the United Kingdom

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The following is a list of the first openly LGBT individuals to serve in selected political offices in the United Kingdom.

Party leaderships

  • 2008, First out Leader of a Minor United Kingdom Political Party [1]
  • 2011, First out female Leader of a Major United Kingdom Political Party
  • 2016, Second out female Leader of a Major Scottish Political Party

British Parliament

House of Commons

  • 1984, First MP to come out in office,[3]
  • May 1997, First MP to be out before being elected
  • Sep 1997, First Female MP to come out in office
  • June 2001, First out Plaid Cymru MP
  • 2002, First Conservative MP to come out[4]
  • Jan 2005 First MP to come out as HIV positive[5]
  • May 2005, First out Liberal Democrat MP
  • May 2005, First Conservative MP to be out before being elected
  • May 2006, First MP to enter into a civil partnership
  • 2008, First Female MP to enter into a civil partnership
  • 2010, First (Conservative) Female MP to be out before being elected

House of Lords

European Parliament

  • Jan 1999, First out UK MEP[7]
  • Jun 1999, First UK MEP to be out before office
  • 2009, First female UK MEP to be out before office, and first openly transgender MEP

Subnational parliaments

Scottish Parliament

  • at least by 2000, First out (Scottish Liberal Democrat) MSP[8]
    • Iain Smith, Scottish Liberal Democrats, MSP 1999–2011
  • 2003, First out Female MSP
    • Margaret Smith, Scottish Liberal Democrats, 1999–2011 (Edinburgh West)
  • 2003, First out Scottish Green MSP
  • 2007, First out SNP MSP
  • 2011, First out Scottish Conservative MSP
  • 2016, First out Scottish Labour MSP

Welsh Assembly

Municipal offices


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
  • First transgendered Mayor, first openly lesbian Mayor: Jenny Bailey (2007–2008)
Retford, Nottinghamshire
London Borough of Islington
Kingston upon Hull
Haslemere, Surrey
Greater London Authority
London Borough of Southwark
London Borough of Camden
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames


Milford Haven
  • First openly gay Mayor, first Mayor in a civil partnership: Guy Woodham (2012–2013)[17]
Rhondda Cynon Taf

First openly Cabinet Member Layton Percy Jones (Plaid Cymru). Cabinet Member for Social Services 1999–2005


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