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LGBT Archive time capsule
Welcome to the Community portal. This is the place to find out what is happening on the LGBT Archive Project.

Learn what tasks need to be done, and share news about recent events or current activities taking place on this project.

Please start entering any articles you feel able you can write or start, or go to WantedPages where there are links to articles that need writing. Please report any problems to or

This wiki was created in June 2011. It was upgraded to Mediawiki-1.17.0 on 5 November 2011, to Mediawiki-1.21.2 on 30 October 2013, and to Mediawiki 1.26.2 on 13 January 2016.

The project is being renamed from LGBT History Project to LGBT Archive. This process may take some time; until it is complete you may notice some inconsistency in headings.

In February 2019, Jonathan Harbourne received a "Points of Light" award from the Prime Minister for his work in creating this Wiki.[1]


To see the media coverage about this site, see the page: This Project in the press.


We added our thousandth article on 25 September 2012, our 1500th article on 3 April 2013, our 2000th article on 7 August 2013, our 3000th article on 18 April 2014, and our 4000th article during June 2016. For the current number of articles see Special:Statistics.

In October 2012 we joined WikiIndex - see our page there at You'll see we've got a wikiFactor of 28, in other words there are at least 28 articles (as shown on Special:PopularPages) that have been viewed at least 28,000 times, and our status has been independently upgraded to "vibrant" (the top category). We also now have a WikiNode - a way of linking to other "neighbour" Wikis. We've also joined the LGBT Free Media Collective, and have started contributing photographs and other images to Wikimedia Commons as part of that project - see We're also now recorded on the WikiApiary - see

We passed a million page views in July 2013, two million in March 2014, three million in October 2014, four million in March 2015, five million in August 2015, six million in December 2015, seven million in March 2016, eight million in May 2016, ten million in February 2017, twelve million in September 2017, thirteen million in February 2018, fourteen million in May 2018, fifteen million in October 2018, seventeen million in August 2019, and eighteen million by the end of 2019. By mid-2021 the total was up to twenty million For the current total see Special:Statistics.

Geographical coverage

We now have articles for:

Wherever possible, the article about each place includes at least some information about LGBT connections. However there are a small number of Districts with no LGBT history. Assistance with finding information about these would be very welcome.


This project has been selected for archiving by the UK Web Archive - see - there have been three snapshots on the UKWA site, dated 22 October 2012, 30 October 2014 and 22 October 2015 respectively; it is expected that further snapshots will appear from time to time. We're also getting picked up by the Internet Archive which has captured snapshots at odd times since November 2011.

Current projects

  • Create articles for all Consortium members where they don't exist, and add Category:Consortium members to all the members. Believed complete as of 20 February 2018.
  • Create articles for all notable speakers in the List of speakers at SLG meetings. Ongoing; note that there are questions about the notability of a number of the speakers.

Ongoing tasks

The following things need to be checked on a regular basis:

  • Uncategorised pages: every article should belong to at least one category; in turn, each category (except Category:Main categories) should belong to at least one other category.
  • Dead-end pages and Orphaned pages: these can never be eliminated altogether, but should be kept to a minimum – for instance to under 50 pages each so they can all be viewed on the first page of the listing
  • language expressing a particular point of view: "we", "us", "sadly", "fortunately", ... Articles containing such expressions are likely to need more thorough reviewing, not just removing the words in question.
  • language that will date: "this year", "last year", "recently", "currently", ...
  • articles lacking illustrations (there are lots of these) – see Category:Articles with no pictures (this category is thought to be complete).
  • articles lacking references – see Category:Articles lacking references (many more articles need to be added to this category).


The Timeline of UK LGBT History was added in October 2011. The aim is to have entries for all the most significant events in UK LGBT History from the earliest times. Each entry should include a link to the article which deals with the event or person in more detail. For earlier centuries, each article should ideally have an entry in the Timeline, but we may have to be a bit more selective from say 1960 onwards.

Redirection and disambiguation pages

Some of the pages in this Wiki are redirection pages or disambiguation pages, used where there are two or more versions of the name of an article, or two or more articles with similar names.


The Wiki had its official launch at the LGBT History Month pre-launch at The Oval, 21 November 2011, and a stall at the London Metropolitan Archives Conference, 16 February 2013.

Our own article about the project, listing references in external sources, is at LGBT Archive. Our Wiki now has an article on Wikipedia,[3] and is included in Wikipedia's List of Wikis.[4]


The MySQL database is being backed up regularly.


  1. "UK LGBT Archive" on the Points of Light website.