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This is a List of Pride festivals held around the UK, in order of starting year (where known). It attempts to include all LGBT Pride festivals, whether called "Gay Pride", "LGBT Pride" or just "Pride" (or by other names such as "Mardi Gras").
This is an incomplete list: your help is needed to complete it.
See also: UK Pride Organisers Network#List of Prides

List of summer prides

Town / name Years operating
London Pride (held in Huddersfield in 1981) 1972 onwards
Birmingham Pride 1972–c.75; 1983 onwards
Belfast Pride 1990 onwards
Brighton Pride 1991 onwards
Croydon Pride 1993 only, then 2016 onwards (as Croydon PrideFest)
Pride Scotia (Edinburgh) 1994 onwards
Manchester Pride 1996 onwards
Nottinghamshire Pride 1997 onwards
Cardiff Mardi Gras (now Pride Cymru) 1999 onwards
Hull Pride 2001 onwards
Bear Pride 2002 onwards
Oxford Pride 2002 onwards
Essex Pride (Chelmsford) 2003 onwards
Reading Pride 2003 onwards
Pride Glasgow (originally Pride Scotia (Glasgow) 2004 onwards
Soho Pride 2004–?
Northampton Pride 2004; 2014 (planned)
Bourne Free (Bournemouth) 2004 onwards
Stoke-on-Trent Pride 2004 onwards
UK Black Pride 2005 onwards
Wakefield Pride 2005 onwards
Blackpool Pride 2006 onwards
Leeds Pride 2006 onwards
York Pride 2007 onwards
Thanet Pride (Margate) 2007–?
Darlington Pride 2007 onwards
Swindon and Wiltshire Pride 2008 onwards
Cumbria Pride (Carlisle) 2011 ? onwards
Calderdale Pride 2009–2012
Bradford Pride 2009 onwards
Norwich Pride 2009 onwards
Dumfries Pride 2009, then 2018
Exeter Pride 2009 onwards
Scarborough Pride 2009 onwards
Warwick Pride 2009 onwards
Liverpool Pride 2010 onwards
Hackney Pride 2010 only (replaced by East London Pride in 2011)
Taunton Pride 2011 onwards
East London Pride 2011 only
North Norfolk Pride 2011 only (?)
Middlesbrough Pride 2011 onwards
Dorchester Pride 2011 onwards
Aberystwyth Pride 2012 onwards
Wolverhampton and Black Country Pride 2012 onwards
Gay Family Pride (Staffordshire) 2012 onwards (?)
North Wales Pride (Bangor) 2012 onwards
Pride in the Park (Plymouth) 2012 onwards
Herefordshire Pride 2012 onwards
Milton Keynes Pride 2012; 2014 (planned)
Walsall Pride 2012 onwards
Warwickshire Pride 2012 onwards
Warrington Pride 2012 onwards
Harrogate Pride 2012 onwards
Blackburn Pride 2013 (planned)
Totnes Pride 2013 (planned)
Preston Pride 2013 (planned)
Preston Pride 2013 (planned)
Channel Islands Pride 2015 onwards
UK Leather Pride (Bristol) 2015 onwards
Happy Valley Pride (Hebden Bridge) 2016 onwards
Southampton Pride [1] 2016 onwards
Hastings Pride 2017
Newcastle Pride  ?
Portsmouth Pride  ?
Isle of Wight Pride (Ryde) 2017 onwards
Colchester Pride 2017 onwards
Sheffield Pride  ?
Swansea Pride  ?
Doncaster Pride  ?
Durham Pride  ?
Bristol Pride  ?
Brighton Doggy Pride  ?
Cornwall Pride (Truro)  ?
Cardiff Mardi Gras  ?
Grimsby Pride (Cleethorpes)  ?
Sunderland Pride  ?
Leicester Pride  ?
Newport Pride  ?
Oldham Pride  ?
Inverness Pride  ?
Rhondda Pride 2019
Banbury Pride  ?
Bridlington Pride 2020 (planned)

List of Winter Prides

Town / name Years operating
London Winter Pride 1986–1990
Brighton Winter Pride 2005 onwards
National Student Pride (various locations) 2005 onwards
Doncaster Winter Pride 2013 onwards
Hampshire Pride (Winchester – February) 2015 onwards

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  • In 1992, 1993 and 1994 there was a Solent Pridewhich consisted of a festival of activities in Southampton