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The Grand Hotel Scarborough
Scarborough is a seaside town in North Yorkshire. The Borough of Scarborough, formed in 1974, covers a wider area, including Whitby.

LGBT history

Charles Laughton was born in the town in 1899.

The member of Parliament for the Scarborough and Whitby from 1931-1941 was Paul Latham. Latham was a Conservative Party member who was arrested in 1941 for homosexual activity. He was court-martialled and found guilty of ten charges of indecent conduct and of attempted suicide and was discharged dishonourably and imprisoned for two years without hard labour [1].

In 1976 the council refused to allow CHE to hold a conference in the town.[2] CHE then campaigned for trade unions to boycott Scarborough as a conference centre, which is thought to have cost the town millions of pounds in lost business.[3]

Scarborough Pride began in 2009 with a picnic attended by 150 people.[4] In 2011, Scarborough Pride was a three-day event.[5] In 2012 it is planned for the 1st of September.[6]

The Gay Scarborough group dissolved itself in January 2012.[7]

Yorkshire MESMAC once operated LGBTQ youth groups in Scarborough and Selby.


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