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Hampshire Pride logo
Hampshire Pride was a pride festival that was held in Winchester 2015-2019, with a parade starting at the University of Winchester. No event took place in 2020 because of Covid and no event has been held since [1].

Hampshire Pride was conceived by a small team of students and staff from the University of Winchester along with members of the Hampshire County council team. It was decided that the event should be held in the central point of Hampshire, and England’s ancient capital, Winchester. Unlike most Pride events, which normally take place in the summer months, it was held in February, LGBT History Month.

"what better month to celebrate our heritage, remember how far we’ve come in such a short time and look to the brighter times of the future. It also served as somewhat of a winter warmer in the dreary month of February; '… Diamonds in the snow, sparkle!'"[2]

A short clip of the 2017 Pride event was posted on You Tube [3].


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