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Southampton is a city and unitary authority in southern England, and a major seaport. It was historically within Hampshire and is still grouped with Hampshire for ceremonial purposes.
Switchboard leaflet 1982

LGBT History

The Beaumont Society held its first 'full meeting' in a Southampton Hotel in 1966 [1].

The Lord Roberts was a well established gay venue by 1972. [2]. It has since been demolished [3].

Southampton CHE Group was founded in October 1972 by David Porter [4] The group initially met at Porter's home, then in 1974 at the Anchor in East Street, Southampton. A separate Women's CHE group was founded in September 1974 [5]. Gay News reported in Sept 1974 the opening of Southampton's first all gay club; Beau Brummel above the Ambassadors Club in St Mary Street [6].At that time the Robert Burns at 9 South Front was listed as a gay pub in Gay News [7], and the Anchor Inn in East Street was listed as a lesbian venue. An article in Gay News in 1974 claimed that there were 3,000 gays on the scene in Southampton [8]. The Tangier Club, once a gay club,at 11 St Mary Street, was reported to be 'straight' by the end of 1975 [9].By 1975 Hickups gay club was located at the Magnum Club, 113 St Mary's Road [10].

The CHE Conference was held in Southampton in May 1976. On each day of the Conference a special broadsheet newspaper called 'Daily Gay' was published [11]. In October 1976 local CHE group held a very successful and well attended event at the Haymarket where Quentin Crisp spoke. In 1978 the group nearly folded [12]. The group moved to the Joiner's Arms. In 1979 Gay Solent was formed (Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth co-ordinating and producing a regular newsletter).

By 1977 Solent Gay Switchboard had been established in Southampton [13]. The telephone number in the 1980s was Southampton 37363 and phone lines were available three times a week.
Switchboard leaflet (back)

In 1982 there was a gay disco on Sundays at Nightingales near the Bargate [14]. At that time a Gay Youth Group met in Southampton on Sunday afternoons [15]. In the 1980s other gay clubs in the city included Smugglers and Warehouse [16]. In 1985 Southampton Council issued a pledge of equality which included 'not to discriminate against gay men or lesbians who apply for jobs with the council' [17]. In 1988 two gay men took an industrial tribunal case after the Victory Inn, Southampton, turned them down for a job without an interview [18].

Solent Pride events were held in 1992, 1993 and 1994. Events were spread over two weeks [19]. In the early 1990s the Solent Group of the Gay Outdoor Club was active [20]. In 2012 there was a campaign to hold a Southampton Pride[21]. Pride was held in Southampton 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021. No event was held in 2020 due to Covid-19 virus restrictions.

Southampton today

The Edge claims to be Southampton's only current gay nightclub, operating since 1995.[22] In the 1980s and 90s Magnums at 113 St Mary's Road was the main gay night spot. The London Hotel in Terminus Terrace hosts cabaret events.

Bi-Panic! Southampton (formally BiWessex) is a social group for 18+ bi/pansexual people, their friends and loved ones in Southampton, UK.[23].


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