Trans Day of Remembrance

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TDOR ceremony in Croydon, 2011
The Transgender Day of Remembrance, now known in the UK as the Trans Day of Remembrance, is celebrated every year on or around the 20th of November. It commemorates trans people (in the widest sense of the term), who have died as a result of violence or suicide in the preceding 12 months.

It was originally founded in the USA in 1998 to memorialize the murder of Rita Hester in Alliston, Massachusetts. Typically, a TDoR memorial includes a reading of the names of those who lost their lives during the previous year and may include other actions, such as candlelight vigils, art shows, food drives, film screenings, and marches.

The Trans Day of Remembrance has now been celebrated for several years in the UK: since 2011 there have been TDOR events in:[1]

UK people who have been commemorated include:

Other UK trans people who have died by violence or suicide include:

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International TDoR site:


  1. UK TDOR site