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Merseyside boroughs:
1 Liverpool
2 Sefton
3 Knowsley
4 St Helens
5 Wirral
Merseyside is a metropolitan county in north-west England. It was created, like other metropolitan counties, in 1974, and originally had an elected metropolitan authority, the Merseyside County Council. The County Council, like other metropolitan authorities and the Greater London Council, was abolished in 1986, and the individual boroughs effectively became unitary authority areas.

Merseyside contains five boroughs:

The five boroughs, together with Halton, constitute the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership.

LGBT history

Friend Merseyside was established about 1973 in Liverpool.

Merseyside LGBT was established in January 2012 by a group of individuals who were looking for an alternative to the bar and club scene.[1]

Merseyside In-Trust was established in 2006 to support intersex and trans people in Sefton.[2]


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