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Paradise Press is a British gay and lesbian publishing company, devoted to "fine writing by lesbians and gay men".

It is the imprint of Gay Authors Workshop (GAW) and is run by a collective within GAW. , a publishing collective that produces a wide range of literature by lesbians and gay men. Authors submit their books to the collective; if the book is approved, the author can then join the collective and benefit from and contribute to Paradise Press services. Paradise Press was founded in 1999 and was originally the imprint of GASPS (Gay Authors Self-Publishing Society).

The majority of the Paradise Press output has been fiction and poetry, plus a small number of autobiographies. The non-fiction list includes Diverse Performances by David Haldane Lawrence and Amiable Warriors by Peter Scott-Presland.


Paradise Press authors and their books include[1][2]

Single authors / editors

Joint editors

Contributors to anthologies

See Paradise Press contributors.

Other Paradise Presses

There have been a number of other organisations with similar names.[5]

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