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Peter Scott-Presland, December 2010
Peter Scott-Presland (born 1949) is a gay writer and cabaret artiste, and founder of the Homo Promos theatre company.

He attended Highgate School and studied English and Drama at St Edmund Hall, Oxford (1968–1974) where he "did pretty much nothing else except perform, direct and write revues and cabaret."[1]

He had been running gay theatre companies since 1975; in 1987, when Gay Sweatshop was folding, he set up Homo Promos: the name was a reaction against Section 28 which aimed to ban the "promotion of homosexuality".[1]

Between 1987 and 2007 he helped run the Capital Quiz.

In 2010 he was contracted by CHE to write the official history of the organisation.[2] Volume One of Amiable Warriors was published in February 2015.


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