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LSE coat of arms
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is a university in central London, part of the federal University of London. It was founded in 1895. In 1970 the GLF (Gay Liberation Front) held their first UK meeting at LSE.

In December 2022 it was announced that the Senior Management Team at LSE had decided not to renew the LSE membership of Stonewall [1]. In 2022 Dr Jacob Breslow, a LSE staff member, went on extended leave and resigned from the board of Mermaids after a newspaper reported his relationship with a paedophile support group [2].

LGBT archives

The Hall-Carpenter Archives are held at the LSE.
Badges in the HCA collection (photo by Dr Clifford Williams)
The archives have been used for a number of studies of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans history [3].

LGBT society

The London School of Economics and Political Science LGBT Society is a former member of the LGBT Consortium.[4]

Notable former students


  1. The announcement made reference to Stonewall's approach which was not seen to be in keeping with academic freedom. After extensive and thoughtful reflection upon all perspectives, SMC believe the best way to ensure ongoing advancement of equity, diversity and inclusion, which includes sustaining LSE as a place for the free exchange of ideas and academic discussion, is through not renewing our membership...This is because LSE’s role as an institution is to enable us all to come together to discuss, effect change and challenge through education practices, academic research and rigorous debate.
  2. In July 2023 Jacob Breslow was listed as Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality, Department of Gender Studies (on Medical Leave) w
  3. for example Clifford Williams 'Courage to Be' published 2021 and featured in the LSE Review of Books