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County of London, showing metropolitan boroughs
The County of London existed from 1889 to 1965. It covered inner London, a much smaller area than the current Greater London. It was administered by the London County Council (LCC). From 1900 onwards it was supplemented by the 28 metropolitan boroughs plus the City of London.

List of metropolitan boroughs

  1. City of London (not a metropolitan borough)
  2. Westminster
  3. Holborn
  4. Finsbury
  5. Shoreditch
  6. Bethnal Green
  7. Stepney
  8. Bermondsey
  9. Southwark
  10. Camberwell
  11. Deptford
  12. Lewisham
  13. Woolwich
  14. Greenwich
  15. Poplar
  16. Hackney
  17. Stoke Newington
  18. Islington
  19. St Pancras
  20. Hampstead
  21. St Marylebone
  22. Paddington
  23. Kensington
  24. Hammersmith
  25. Fulham
  26. Wandsworth
  27. Lambeth
  28. Battersea
  29. Chelsea


When the LCC was abolished, its education functions were transferred to a new body, the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA). Its headquarters was at County Hall on the South Bank, which became the headquarters of the Greater London Council.

Lord Rosebery, later Prime Minister and suspected bisexual, was the first chairman of the LCC.

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