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MCC South London was a congregation of the Metropolitan Community Church serving South London.

It was founded in 1995, and initially met at a mental health centre in Effra Road, Brixton. In 2001 it moved to St Andrews United Reformed Church in Balham, not far from the previous MCC London premises in Sistova Road.[1][2]

The initial pastor was Rev Jean White, who had previously been pastor of MCC London.

Rev Dwayne Morgan was pastor at the church from February 2013, combining this ministry with that at MCC Bournemouth.

The church closed down following a special general meeting on 17 May 2015, and the final service was held on 24 May.

"The weekly attendance at our South London church has been quite low for some time and our income has not been sufficient to meet our ongoing expenses. Unfortunately we have reached the point that the church is no longer sustainable."[3]

MCC South London was a member group of SLAGO until its closure.


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