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Louis Eaks was a leading member of the Young Liberals, serving as its chairman for 1969–70. He later became a political journalist. With Peter Hain, he set up the Stop The Seventy Tour campaign against the South African cricket tour.[1]

He was arrested for importuning on Highbury Fields during a police entrapment exercise. He claimed that he was heterosexual, and had merely been asking someone for a light. The arrest provoked the Gay Liberation Front's first ever demonstration, which took place at Highbury Fields on 27 November 1970.[2]

Louis Eaks died of an AIDS-related illness in the early 1990s.[3]

The spelling of his name as "Eaks" is attested for instance in his authorship of a book, From El Salvador to the Libyan Jamahiriya: A Radical Review of American Foreign Policy under the Reagan Administration (1988)[4] but it is often misquoted as "Eakes", for instance in No Bath but Plenty of Bubbles.


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