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Ed Lord
Ed Lord (Charles Edward Lord, born 1972) is a politician and sports administrator.

He was born in Littleborough, Lancashire, and attended Bury Grammar School and the University of Essex. He was active in the Conservative Party from 1987 to 2003, when he joined the Liberal Democrats. He has been an elected member of the City of London Court of Common Council since February 2001. He was Group Board Chairman of the Amateur Swimming Association,[1] from 2013 to 2015[2] and has a number of appointments within the The Football Association. He was appointed an OBE for public service in June 2011.

In addition to serving as the LGA's lead member for diversity, Lord has been an active advocate for equality across a range of fields, most notably for LGBT people. In April 2012 he was profiled as an openly bisexual politician in Stonewall's role model publication[3]

"I do have huge respect for Edward Lord OBE who was brave enough to take on the mantle of the one bisexual role model in Stonewall's booklet. He tells a story that may ring true for many of us - how coming out as gay wasn't half as dramatic as coming out as bisexual, how at least one of his friends stopped speaking to him after that, how his second coming-out was necessitated by him entering a relationship with a woman, how before that he had hidden his true sexuality 'within the broader gay closet'."[4]

He has been a trustee or board member of the Albert Kennedy Trust and the Pride Trust. In April 2015, he was elected as Bisexual People's Representative to the Community Advisory Board for Pride in London[5] having already been appointed a trustee of the bisexual charity BiCon Continuity.[6] and the research and activist group BiUK.[7]


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