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The Conservative Party (officially the Conservative and Unionist Party) is one of the main political parties in Great Britain. It is stronger in England than in Wales or Scotland; its equivalent in Northern Ireland is the Ulster Unionist Party. It originated in 1834 out of the original Tory Party, which dated to 1678, and is still often referred to informally as the "Tory Party". From 2010 to 2015 it was in a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, but since 2015 it formed a government by itself until the party were heavily defeated in the General Election of 2024.

The Conservative Party historically was not generally favourable to LGBT rights, having for instance supported Section 28. However the Conservative-led coalition promoted a number of LGBT-friendly policies such as Equal marriage and thereafter the party has been supportive of LGBT peoples.

There is a Conservative LGBT group, LGBTory.