Deborah Warner

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Deborah Warner
Deborah Warner (born 1959) is a director of theatre and opera known for her interpretations of the works of Shakespeare, Brecht, Büchner, and Henrik Ibsen, and for her long-term working relationship with the Irish actress Fiona Shaw.[1]

She was for several years in a relationship with the English novelist Jeanette Winterson.[2]

She was ranked number 43 in the Pink List 2010 and 96 in the Pink List 2011. The Pink List 2011 citation said:

"Tricky times for the radical interpreter of classic drama and opera: the 52-year-old responded spikily to broadsheet critics of her Barbican production of Sheridan's School for Scandal. Will she now, as advised by The Guardian's Michael Billington, begin directing the work of living writers?"[3]


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