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BiCon is an annual bisexual conference/convention, open to bisexuals, partners, friends and allies. It is the biggest bi event in the UK.

The first event was held in 1984 in London with two conferences the following year. Thereafter it has been held annually, making it one of the oldest LGBT events to still be running. It is sometimes described as the bisexual equivalent of Pride festivals.

BiCons (the accepted form is with mixed capitalisation spelling and no hyphen or space) are usually held at university campuses, in a different city each year, attracting 250 - 350 people each year. There is a daytime programme of discussions and speakers, and evening entertainments.

It is a not-for-profit event with a sliding scale of attendance fees according to income. Any surplus is carried forward to fund the next BiCon or may be voted by the Decision Making Plenary to be given as grants or lent to other bisexual projects.

Spinoff events have included BabyBiCon, Bi Activist Weekends, and the BiReCon academia & research conference.

BiCon Continuity is a member of the LGBT Consortium.[1]

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