A Contract for Equalities

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A Contract for Equalities, Subtitled "We're all in this together" is a document issued by the Conservative Party in advance of the General Election in 2010. It contained sections on gender equality, disabled people, LGBT issues, tackle racial prejudice, and older people.

The "LGBT issues" section covered:

  • Gay Conservative MPs and Parliamentary candidates (highlighting gay front bench MPs: Nick Herbert, Alan Duncan, and Greg Barker)
  • Civil partnerships (including the first mention of Equal marriage
  • Tackling homophobia
  • Convictions for consensual homosexual sex: ending the injustice
  • Fight for LGBT rights around the world.

External links

http://www.conservatives.com/news/news_stories/2010/05/~/media/Files/Downloadable%20Files/Manifesto/Equalities-Manifesto.ashx (possible problems with opening this file)