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Thierry Schaffauser, gay sex worker, trade unionist and LGBT activist, speaking at The Brief Encounter (Croydon), May 2010
Thierry Schaffauser (born 1982 in Suresnes, France) is a French sex worker and social activist, now living in London.

He was an activist for the Paris branch of ACT UP, and co-founded Les Putes, a Paris-based group defending sex workers' rights.[1] and became a member of the board of the French sex workers trade union Syndicat du travail sexuel (STRASS) responsible for international relations.[2]

Schaffauser co-authored Fières d'être putes (with Maîtresse Nikita, 2007). He appeared in a few porn films produced by Eurocreme and Triga Films and was the winner of the Erotic Award in 2010.[3] Schaffauser is also one of the organisers of Hackney Pride, a LGBT event that gathered 1,000 persons in East London.[4] In spring 2011, Schaffauser as Chair of Out East initiated controversy around the East End Gay Pride, calling for the cancellation of the demonstration which according to him could raise unnecessary tension between Muslim and LGBT communities, and denounced the link between some organisers of the march and the English Defense League.[5]


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