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I've seen rumours that he's gay, but can this be substantiated? Spencer is GAY and was the partner of Carl Hester but now has a new partner namely Jay Halim who excels at dressage, eventing and show jumping. The man pictured with Katie Price in a nightclub last Friday has revealed he couldn't have been involved in her marriage split - because he is GAY.

Top international dressage rider Spencer Wilton said he was on a "fun night out" with his glamour model pal after the Badminton Horse Trials.

The former national dressage champion, 35, was snapped with Katie in Bristol's Syndicate club - and it was thought the pictures were the final straw for Peter Andre, who is now filing for divorce.

But Spencer told Horse and Hound magazine's website: "We were having a perfectly innocent, fun night out.

"A group of us had been at Badminton Horse Trials and went out for dinner afterwards and then on to a club." He added he was "already in a happy relationship with a male partner" and went on: "My phone hasn't stopped with papers and magazines calling, but it's obviously a lot worse for Katie - I just really hope she and Peter are able to resolve their differences."

Attitude Magazine had a feature on Gay Sportsmen in their March 2006 issue - those gay sportsmen they had interviews with were

Rob Newton - Hurdler (Represented Britain in the Athens Olympics - along with Carl Hester they were the only two openly out Gay competitors (out of 11 across all nations))

Chris Morgan - Powerlifter (Drug-free power lifting gold medal winner) Britain's openly gay rider, Carl Hester, also made it to the finals