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Stonewall FC logo
Stonewall Football Club, founded in 1991, is a gay football club in London, playing in the Middlesex County Football League.

In March 1991 a gay amateur footballer living in London put an advert in a gay publication asking for like-minded people to contact him. He wanted to encourage gay men to play competitive football and was amazed by the number of replies he received. Stonewall Football Club was born and although it was not the first gay men's football club in the UK, it became the most long lasting.[1] Aslie Pitter, awarded an MBE in 2011, was one of the main founders of the club.

The club joined the Sportsmans Senior Sunday Football League thesame year and now runs up to four teams in a season.

The Stonewall FC first team – the London Lions – currently play against straight opposition in the Middlesex County Football League, Premier Division (step 7 of the non league pyramid table), the AFA West End Sunday League and the friendly London Unity League with extra fixtures in the GSFN Cup rounds. Stonewall have regular training nights, 5-a-side nights, football tours and social evenings.

The second team – the London Apprentices – play in the AFA West End Sunday League and also take part in the knock-out competition organised by the GFSN National League.

There is a full dedicated committee.

Stonewall FC are the current British, European, World and Gay Olympic Champions.


  1. Gaystars XI was set up in 1978.