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Sinead Watson is a woman who detransitioned. Born a woman she underwent sex hormone treatment to become a man but subsequently regretted the decision. Sinead is now a voice for detransitioners and campaigns for greater awareness of the medical treatment given to young people.

As a young woman she reported 'feeling a disconnect from one's body and resentment for one's sexual characteristics'. After consulting her GP, Ms Watson was referred to the Sandyford gender identity clinic in Glasgow, one of four in Scotland (the others are in Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen)[1].Sinead believes many young people transition because they cannot accept that they are lesbian, gay or bisexual. Sinead explains her story in a video online [2].

In November 2022 Watson addressed the Scottish Parliament along with Ritchie Herron, a 35-year-old man from Newcastle. They shared their views on the Gender Recognition Reform Scotland Bill.


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