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Sarah Brown, May 2012
Sarah Brown (born 1972/3) is a transgender activist and former Liberal Democrat politician. She was the Cambridge City Councillor for Petersfield ward between 2010 and 2014 having been elected to Cambridge City Council in 2010. She was also on the executive of LGBT+ Liberal Democrats and chaired its transgender working group. She described herself in 2011 as “probably the only ‘out’ transgender activist serving as an elected politician in the UK” [1]. She left the Liberal Democrats in 2019 [2].

In 2001 she married Sylvia Knight. In 2007 she underwent gender reassignment surgery. In 2009, Sarah and Sylvia divorced and then formed a civil partnership. [3]

Sarah Brown was placed number 28 on the Independent on Sunday Pink List 2011, and was the highest-ranking transgender person on the list.

Her favourite hobby is rock climbing.

In 2013 she was reported to be in a polyamorous relationship with Knight and fellow Liberal Democrat and transgender activist Zoe O'Connell, although none of them describe themselves as "poly evangelists".[4] All three partners contributed to a Guardian column discussing polyamory in the context of transition and Brown's previous marriage, which was later cited by her local MP during the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill debate.[4]


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