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Rev Richard Kirker
Richard Kirker (born 1951) is an Anglican deacon. He was a founder member and first general secretary of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement.[1]. He is a patron of the LGBAlliance [2].

He was born and spent part of his childhood in Nigeria, was educated mostly in England, and studied at a theological college in Salisbury where he met his first partner, Michael Harding. Following service in Millbrook, Southampton, he moved to St Albans where he was ordained deacon and worked as a curate in the diocese. The bishop, Robert Runcie (later Archbishop of Canterbury) was privately supportive of his relationship, but sacked him because he was being too open about his homosexuality, by joining gay organisations and writing to the papers about the Church's position on gay rights.[3]

In 1984 Customs and Excise attempted to prosecute him for importing obscene materials, but backed down following an outcry from the gay community. In 1998 a Nigerian bishop laid hands on him on television in attempt to "exorcise" the demons of homosexuality.[3]

In 2007 he won the Matthew Windibank Award from the Gay Police Association.

After leaving LGCM in 2008 he started a new business selling holiday accommodation in Morocco and France.[4]

In 2018 Richard Kirker was interviewed by the Y-Services 'Voices for Heritage' LGBT History Project [5].

He helped to set up the LGB Liberal Forum and LGB Christians.

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