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Lisa in a wheelchair
Lisa Egan
Lisa Egan is a disability rights activist. She is originally from Cambridge. After trying and failing to be a Paralympic swimmer, Lisa moved to London to do a degree in Film Studies & Drama.[1] Before having to give up work due to chronic illness she was a stand-up comedian, writer and commentator on disability issues.She writes a column for The Guardian. where her areas of interest include popular culture and the social politics of disability.[2]

She was ranked 78 in the Pink List 2012 and 86 in the Pink List 2013. The 2013 citation said:

"'Failed comedian. Failed writer. Failed academic. Occasional blogger. Leftie kinda activist. Telly addict. Speccy, disabled, gay Essex girl currently in Camden.' Or at least that’s how she describes herself on Twitter. Her disability-rights activist’s blog, Where’s the Benefit, provides strong opposition to the government’s 'distressing war on disabled benefit claimants'."

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