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The LGBT Excellence Centre Wales (LGBTEC) was a social enterprise and a charity that supported people, organisations and businesses in Wales with issues concerning sexual orientation and gender identity.

LGBTEC launched the Welsh Pride project to research the cultural heritage of LGBT people in Wales, and had a section of its website documenting LGBT history in different parts of Wales.[1] The associated timeline of Welsh LGBT History is still available online.[2]

Organisations that were members of LGBTEC were entitled to apply for the Rainbow Mark.[3]

LGBTEC was one of the sponsors of the Coalition for Equal Marriage.

In 2013 the charity closed:

"We are very sad to announce that the LGBT Excellence Centre will be closing its doors today due to lack of funding. We have made all relevant arrangements for our live cases to be transferred to our partner organisations and we will endeavour to keep the website updated with any relevant information for those who still need support."[4]


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