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Kath Gillespie-Sells (left) in 2010 with her son Dan
Kath (Katherine) Gillespie Sells is a psychotherapist, and writer, who has campaigned for the fights of disabled people. In 1990 she founded Regard, the national organisation for disabled LGBT people.[1]

Sells was a ward sister at Barnet General Hospital when she became disabled as a result of a splinter in her finger, which led to a virulent infection, similar to MRSA.[2] She eventually needed to use a wheelchair. After becoming disabled she re-trained as a teacher completing a Certificate in Education at Middlesex University. Sells was Joint Head of Training with Jane Cambell, now Dame Cambell of Surbiton at Disability Resource Team in Camden.[3]

She has three sons, one of whom is the singer and songwriter Dan Gillespie Sells. Her marriage ended while her first two children were very young and she came out as a lesbian, raising her children with her now ex-partner Dr. Dilis, who was the biological mother of another son, and coparenting with her ex-husband.[3]

She is the co-author of The Sexual Politics of Disability with Tom Shakespeare and Dominic Davies, published by Cassell 1996. She was also co-author of She Dances to Different Drums published by The Kings Fund 1996.

She was nominated as a Stonewall Hero of the Year in 2010.

In 2011 she was awarded the MBE for services to disabled LGBT people in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.


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