Hereford and Worcester

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Districts of Hereford and Worcester
Hereford and Worcester was a short-lived English county. It was created in 1974 by joining Herefordshire and Worcestershire, but this proved unpopular, and the two counties were separated again in 1998.

The county was divided into nine districts:

  1. Wyre Forest
  2. Bromsgrove
  3. Redditch
  4. Wychavon
  5. Worcester
  6. Malvern Hills
  7. Leominster
  8. Hereford
  9. South Herefordshire

When the county was abolished in 1998, the Malvern Hills district was divided. The eastern part (plus a small part of Leominster) became the new Malvern Hills district of Worcestershire. The rest of Malvern Hills and Leominster, plus Hereford and South Herefordshire, became the new unitary county of Herefordshire. The remaining districts continue as districts within Worcestershire.

There is still a single Hereford and Worcester fire service. For policing purposes, Hereford and Worcester, together with Shropshire, form the West Mercia Police area (created in 19167).

LGBT history

Ther was a Hereford & Worcester Lesbian & Gay Switchboard[1]