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Gay Youth (later called Lesbian and Gay Youth magazine) was a publication of the Gay Youth Movement. The first edition in June 1981 cost 5 pence and consisted of four pages. It had a strap line 'an occaisional (sic) magazine of the Joint Council for Gay Teenagers and the Gay Youth Movement'.The first headlines were 'Progress in Newcastle and 'charlie's aunt'. The magazine contained news of gay youth groups in Britain as well as national events. Issue 6 (August/September 1982) had the strapline 'The Journal of Lesbian and Gay Youth Liberation published by the Joint Council for Gay Teenagers and Gay Youth Movement'. The last known edition of the Lesbian and Gay Youth magazine was no 21 (Summer 1987) [1].

Gay Youth front cover issue 11 (courtesy of the LGBTQ+ Archive at the Bishopsgate Institute, London)


  1. held by the LGBTQ+ Archives of the Bishopsgate Institute, London