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Colin Harvey was the chairman of the North Western Homosexual Law Reform Committee (NWHLRC) which later became the Campaign for Homosexual Equality.

In 1964 Harvey was Senior Social Worker for the Church of England North West Board of Social Responsibility. Although heterosexual and married, he became a member of a small discussion group in Manchester, working for the decriminalisation of gay sex, and reported on the group to Ted Wickham, Bishop of Middleton. Wickham provided Church House, Manchester as the venue for the first formal meeting of the group, which by then was known as the NWHLRC.[1]

Colin Harvey was chair of the NWHLRC (from 1967, following the resignation of Rev Bernard Dodd), and also a Director of Esquire Clubs. In 1968 he resigned from CHE on moving to Glasgow, and helped to set up the Scottish Minorities Group.[2] He and his wife subsequently set up the Heatherbank Museum of Social Work in his house in Milngavie. He died about 1985. In 1993, after his wife's death, the museum became part of Glasgow Caledonian University.[3][4]


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