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York Minster
York is a city in northern England. It was historically the county town of Yorkshire but was not included in any of the three Ridings of Yorkshire. It is now a unitary authority, but is included in the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire. In mediaeval times it was considered the "capital of the North". It is noted for York Minster, cathedral of the Archbishop of York, and for the ancient city walls and historic buildings.

LGBT History

Alcuin was educated at York in the 8th century.

York CHE Group was founded in June 1972

In 1980 the annual CHE conference was held in York.

Paul Burston was born in York.

Local LGBT organisations include the York LGBT Forum and York Lesbians Social Group.

York Pride has been held annually since 2007.[1]

York has a thriving gay nightlife.[2]

In February 2012 local activists protested outside York Minster against the Archbishop of York's opposition to equal marriage.[3]


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