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Holly Greenberry is an intersex woman.

She has XY chromosomes, but also partial androgen insensitivity syndrome, leaving her partly insensitive to testosterone. She was assigned a male sex on her birth certificate, but she did not develop secondary male characteristics during puberty, and has identified as female, having previously attempted to identify as male. She has never been completely male nor completely female, and underwent surgery in her teens.

"Surgery was horrifically damaging and led to huge number of follow-up surgeries. It all could have been prevented if there had been more medical understanding and if there had been less haste in trying to guess which label best fitted. I should have been allowed to be an ambiguous teenager with the freedom to express my natural gender."[1]

She is Co-director, with Dawn Rachel Vago, of Intersex UK. The two were listed number 5 in the Rainbow List 2015. The citation said:

"Vago and Greenberry have been tirelessly advocating for intersex rights behind the scenes for years, working to end unnecessary surgery and promote body autonomy for intersex children and adults. They work to raise public awareness and provide educational outreach.[2]


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