Derek Jacobi

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Sir Derek Jacobi
Sir Derek Jacobi (born 1938) is an English actor. He was born in Leytonstone and studied history at St John's College, Cambridge. A fellow Cambridge student, Ian McKellen had an "undeclared and unrequited" crush on him[1]

Derek Jacobi was a founder member of the Royal National Theatre and has wone several prestigious theatre awards. He is also noted for the title roles in the TV series I, Claudius (which won him a BAFTA) and Cadfael. In 1986 he starred in Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitemore, with the role of Alan Turing, which was written with Jacobi specifically in mind.

In March 2006, four months after civil partnerships were introduced in the United Kingdom, Jacobi registered his civil partnership with Richard Clifford.[2] They live in Primrose Hill, north London.[3]


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