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Red links

Hi BB.

Thanks for posting the information about the files at the National Archives. I notice however that a couple of the links you've included are showing red ("page does not exist") although we do in fact have articles on the people in question. For instance you've got a link "[[Casement, Sir Roger David (1864-1916) Knight Diplomat and Irish Nationalist|Roger Casement]]". This would work if we had an article called "Casement, Sir Roger David (1864-1916) Knight Diplomat and Irish Nationalist" but of course our article is just called "Roger Casement". I wasn't entirely sure what you had in mind here, so I've left it unchanged for now, but perhaps you's like to have a look.

But thanks again for your contributions which look to be a very valuable resource. --Ross Burgess (talk) 02:59, 25 April 2013 (CDT)