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The ULU building
The University of London Union (commonly referred to as ULU, pron. 'yoo-loo'), founded in 1921, is the students' union for the University of London. In 1957 it moved into its current seven-floor building in Malet Street, Bloomsbury. Its facilities include a large swimming pool.

LGBT history

Fairs were held at ULU in the 1970s and 80s after London Pride[1], and Winter Pride was held there in 1989 and 1990.[2]

The Gay Teachers Group was founded at ULU in 1974.[3]

There was a ULU Gaysoc in the 1970s and 1980s [4].

Gay London Swimmers used to have nude swimming sessions there.

London Orca train at ULU.

At one time the Dolphin Swimming Club was based there.

Current LGBT activities

Within the present ULU here are four elected Liberation Officers, who sit on Senate, including a LGBT Officer. The others represent Women, Black students and Disabled students. These autonomous Liberation Campaigns have their own officers and committees. These have General Meetings (or Forums) which are held once a term. The Liberation Officers are elected at the AGM of each Campaign. The Liberation Campaigns are mostly self-governing.[5]

In 2012 ULU launched a campaigning and social network for liberation groups in London. All LGBT, Women, Disabled, Mature, Palestinian and Black student groups, as well as other student campaigners, were invited.[6]


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