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Trocadero's Long Bar was a magnificent bar opened by Lyons in 1896 on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Piccadilly Circus. Lyon's ran the successful Lyon's Corner House chain. The Trocadero, as well as many of the Corner Houses, was popular with gay men. M. Joseph said:

"the most famous bar in London... It was all marble with pillars supporting arches down each side and it had a kind of mosaic roof. The bar ran the entire length and there were plenty of tables."

Robert Hutton [1] said:

"Sunday morning at the Trocadero Long Bar... Was a recognized gathering place... one heard news of friends, swapped experiences of the previous evening and usually ended up in a luncheon party, going on afterwards to pass a lazy afternoon at Alex's hotel in Coventry Garden. There was nothing in the nature of an orgy about these Sunday afternoons. Many of the company would be on leave and wanted to enjoy the comforts of civilization and the company of their fellows." [2]

James Agate, the theatre critic, frequented this exclusive and expensive gentlemen-only bar.

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