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The Three Crowns in 2007
The Three Crowns was a gay pub in Bangor, North Wales. In March 2014 it was destroyed by fire. A man has been charged with arson.

Glen, the landlord, took over the pub in 2003, and opened it as the area's first full-time gay pub.[1] On 30 March 2014 the pub was set on fire, and three people were injured as they jumped out of windows. The building was damanged beyond repair. According to Glen,

"Sadly, the Three Crowns will not re open, we have looked at all possible options without success – the damage is just too bad. I’ve spoken to Admiral Taverns and I know they share my feelings; we are really disappointed that such a popular pub has been forced to close. ... I am pleased to say however that I have been having positive meetings with a brewery and am looking into the possibility of opening a new venue that would be suitable."[2]

In June 2014 Mark Parry pleaded not guilty to arson at Caernarfon Crown Court.[3]

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The Three Crowns on fire

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