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This project has worked together with CHE on a number of occasions.

2015 Conference

In May 2015 the CHE Annual Conference approved a motion as follows:

Motion 3: UK LGBT History Project

  1. This Conference congratulates the UK LGBT History Project on its four years of existence, during which time it has become an unequalled resource of information about LGBT life in this country.
  2. The Conference notes that the Project’s online encyclopaedia now has over 3,300 articles, covering LGBT people, places, organisations and events, from the earliest times to the present day, with articles about every county and local government district in the United Kingdom, and that the articles have in total been viewed over four million times.
  3. The Conference notes that the Project has received no external funding and the cost of the web space has been entirely borne by its founder, Jonathan Harbourne, and that the work of creating and editing articles has been carried out by a very small number of volunteers.
  4. The Conference urges the Executive Committee to work with other interested organisations to secure the long-term survival and enhancement of the Project, and the recruitment of additional volunteers.


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