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Terence Davies
Terence Davies (born 1945) is a writer and film director.

He was born in Liverpool, left school at 16, and later studied at Coventry Drama School and the National Film School.

In 1995 he was included in the Independent's list of 40 influential gay men. The citation said:

"Seldom have the aches and pains of growing up gay been so accurately captured as in the films of Davies. And seldom has the mainstream audience been so warmly invited to partake of the experience. The multi-prize-winning Distant Voices, Still Lives and The Long Day Closes refashion the concerns of an earlier and "artier" trilogy. His entry into Hollywood with The Neon Bible allows him to match message and machine, which seems to be the summation of Davies's ambitions: gay man at liberty in the world's dream factory. Davies: 'People accuse me of being a miserable bugger ... which I am.'"[1]
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