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Suzanne Moore (born Ipswich 1958) is a journalist.

She has written for Marxism Today, The Mail on Sunday, The Daily Mail, The Independent, The Guardian, and the New Statesman. Due to her disillusionment with the main political parties, she stood as an independent candidate for the constituency of Hackney North and Stoke Newington in the 2010 General Election receiving 285 votes [1].

She was listed under "non-LGBT friends" and described as "journalist and voice of reason" in the Pink List 2011.[2]

In January 2013, a "throwaway" comment[3] in an essay by Moore, which had been reprinted by the New Statesman,[4] was criticised on Twitter as transphobic, to which she responded. Her response led to a larger row involving wider sections of the transfeminist and radical feminist blogosphere, and after her friend Julie Burchill came to her defence in an opinion piece in The Observer, which was widely criticised as hate speech and withdrawn by the paper the following day,[5][6] the row expanded to much of the British press.[7]

Moore resigned from The Guardian in November 2020 [8].


Partly based on a Wikipedia article.

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