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Stars Peer Project logo
Stars Peer Project (Support To All, Respect as Standard) was founded by Dan Spracklen, then aged 15, in 2011, as a place where young people in Dorset could relax and meet like-minded people.[1]

One version of the logo used the acronym LGBTU (U for Undecided) as an alternative to LGBTQ.

"The STARS website has now officially closed down. Stars Peer Project itself no longer holds its monthly meetings in Dorchester, however a spin-off project - an LGBT group for students at Weymouth College which we assisted in setting up is still operating as far as we're aware! I'd like to thank everyone who has supported Stars since it was originally set up by myself in summer 2009, it was a great experience and i'm glad to have helped where I could. Kind regards Dan Spracklen - project Founder & Manager x"[2]

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* Archived version of website as at March 2014.


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