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Rebecca Root
Rebecca Root (born in Woking, 1969) is a British actress and stand-up comedian. She played the leading role in the 2015 BBC2 sitcom Boy Meets Girl.[1]

Root is also a voice coach,[2] teaching at the East 15 Acting School and from her home in Highgate, London. She started that career after she transitioned and acting work became harder to find. [3] She graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with an MA in Vocal Studies. Her thesis, "There and Back Again: Adventures in Genderland", has since been published in the peer reviewed journal Voice and Speech Review, and she advertises voice therapy specifically for transgender people to help them "find a voice they feel fits their gender".[4][5][6][7]

She was ranked number 18 in the Rainbow List 2014. The citation said:

"An actress and stand-up comedian, Rebecca Root is the star of the new BBC2 sitcom Boy Meets Girl, which airs next year. Along with actresses such as Laverne Cox and Adèle Anderson, Root is one of few trans actresses to be cast in a mainstream television show.[8]


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