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Northampton Outlaws RFC is Northampton's gay-friendly and inclusive rugby union team which was set up in 2012. It was the 9th gay-friendly rugby team in the UK and is one of 40 internationally. The team is affiliated with the International Gay Rugby Association and Board. They train at Men's Own RFC in Ashton in east Northamptonshire on Wednesdays and Sundays. Occasionally, they also train at Abington Park in Northampton.

2013 fixtures include their first away game against Manchester Village Spartans on 23 February where they won (65-0), their first home game against Yeoman where they drew (20-20) on 6 April, a home game against Bristol Bisons RFC on 13 April, and a home game against Birmingham Bulls RFC on 11 May 2013.

Outlaws took part in the 5th Union Cup, the largest European gay rugby tournament, in Bristol in May 2013 where they were placed in Group D. They played their first match Newcastle Ravens RFC, losing 7-0. They won both their second match against Bristol Bisons RFC (24-10) and their third match against Straffe Ketten RFC (15-7). Their final match was against Amsterdam Lowlanders where they lost 24-20.

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