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Front cover of Gypsy Boy
Mikey Walsh (a pseudonym;[1] born in Reading, 1980[2]) is the author of Gypsy Boy,[3] an autobiographical account of growing up in an extremely patriarchal community, largely separate from the rest of society, with an violent father who wants Mikey to keep up the family tradition of boxing. He early realises he is gay, which would be completely unacceptable in the Gypsy society of the time. The book is to be made into a film.[4]

The story of Mikey's escape from his father, and his new life as a young gay man away from the Gypsy culture, is described in the sequel, Gypsy Boy:On the Run.

Mikey Walsh's one-time boyfriend, the photographer David V Barron, has claimed that some of the events as described in the books are a distortion of what actually happened.[5]

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