Lynette Nusbacher

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Lynette Nusbacher
Dr Lynette Nusbacher (born 1966) is a strategist and military historian at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where she has been Senior Lecturer in War Studies since 1999. She teaches at Sandhurst, the University of Reading and to wider audiences on television. She was previously an officer in the Canadian forces.[1]

She was educated at the University of Toronto and the Royal Military College of Canada, and took a DPhil at Oxford.[2]

She has also worked on the British government's national security strategies. She blogs on strategy and foreign policy at and tweets on @Nusbacher.[3]

She has appeared as a military history expert in every episode of the TV series Time Commanders on BBC2 2003–2005, and BBC4 2016 onwards – the BBC4 series was following her transition from male to female.

She was ranked number 53 in the Pink List 2011, 68 in the Pink List 2012 and 77 in the Pink List 2013. The Pink List 2013 citation said:

"Strategic thinker. Runs her own think-tank, Nusbacher Associates, which is currently working to improve UK cyber security and coordination. A member of Women Working in Foreign Affairs and previously a war studies lecturer at Sandhurst, 'Devil’s Advocate' at the Joint Intelligence Organisation and head of the Cabinet Office’s 'Strategic Horizons Unit'."[4]


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