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London LGB Gymnastics & Diving is a group of LGB divers, sports acrobats, tumblers and gymnasts based in London.

Founded in 1997, most members of the club are gymnasts and divers who have retired from professional competition but still enjoy the sports in a recreational context. If you agree that a triple twisting back somersault is a much more interesting way to keep fit than pumping iron in the weights room, then get in touch! All gymnastics lessons are conducted in one of London's top gymnastics clubs and run by qualified coaches. The training schedule changes from week to week depending on availablity of facilities and coaches, please get in touch to find out when the next session is.

New participants are always encouraged, and it is the club's intention to create a fun, enjoyable, healthy social space centred around sporting excellence away from the scene. The club has performed professionally many times over the years - but it is entirely up to you whether you want to just train every week to learn a party trick or two or if you want to be good enough to perform with the very best.

Please note that London LGB G&D does not do scuba diving. Think Greg Louganis, not big oxygen tanks and wet suits.

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