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This article is about this online encyclopaedia previously called the LGBT History Project: for the research project run by Chris Park see LGBT History Project (blog).
LGBT Archive time capsule
The LGBT History Project is an LGBT online encyclopaedia for the United Kingdom[1] It was created in June 2011 by Jonathan Harbourne[2] using MediWiki software, and was originally called the LGBT History Project. Content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.

It was launched at the pre-launch in November 2011 for LGBT History Month 2012.[3][4][5]

Previous "LGBT History Project" logo

According to WikiIndex,

"Articles are generally written to a very high standard of presentation and content, and contain good references to reliable sources. Furthermore, articles are presented in an extremely well balanced style of prose, maintaining a consistent neutral point of view."[6]

Sport is one of the themes of the site, reflecting its origins in connection with London 2018, the campaign to bring the Gay Games/Outgames to London in 2018.[7] However it now seeks to cover all aspects of LGBT life in the UK, from the earliest times to the present day.

The Project's logo is a time capsule, reflecting the aim of preserving for future generations the history of LGBT people, institutions, and events that would otherwise be forgotten.[8] Indeed it has recorded a number of LGBT organisations, and venues such as gay pubs, that have disappeared and have needed to be uncovered in archived defunct websites or old newspaper cuttings. While following in large part the approach laid down by Wikipedia, it has a much more relaxed approach to notability, and will cover any UK LGBT-related subject for which a record exists.

In terms of geographical coverage, its articles cover the four countries of the United Kingdom, plus the Crown Dependencies (Isle of Man and Channel Islands) with the aim of having an article for every local authority area or significant town.

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