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This wiki needs more Photographs. Ideally, every article should have an illustration (or more than one) and in particular articles about people (since the invention of photography) should have a photograph. But we can't use any old photograph that happens to be on the web, because of copyright restrictions.

The photographs on this site come from several sources.

  • The other half (roughly) of our images are held on this wiki, and should all be listed in one of the sub-categories of Category:Images (which also includes some other types of illustration, notably logos). These come from several sources:
    • Some come from Wikipedia, which has a lot of images that don't quite satisfy the stringent requirements to be included in Wikimedia Commons, but in almost all cases these are perfectly safe to use on this wiki. There's a list of them at Category:Images from Wikipedia.
    • Some are photographs taken by the people who uploaded them; these are normally released under the same licence as the text of this wiki.
    • Some have been downloaded from other websites, normally LGBT community sites, and the copyright and licensing situation of these may be unclear. Anyone wishing to reuse them should be aware of this – and if you believe that we have infringed your copyright for any of these please get in touch.

If you have a photograph that could illustrate one of our articles, and you either took it yourself, or can assure us that you have the copyright owner's permission, we'd very much appreciate you uploading it, or e-mailing it to one of our editors for uploading. You could also consider uploading it to Wikimedia Commons for use in other projects – but in that case please let us know you've done so. There's a list of articles that specifically need illustrating at LGBT Archive:Pictures wanted and a much longer list at Category:Articles with no pictures.


This wiki uses a large number of logos, mainly illustrating LGBT organisations. We have been fairly free in using these, and have not sought permission from the organisations in question, for reasons similar to those used on Wikipedia (see See also LGBT Archive:Copyrights.

Some of the logos we have used come from Wikimedia Commons. The larger number however have been uploaded to this Wiki (mainly downloaded from the organisation's own websites) and are listed at Category:Logos.

If you represent an organisation and feel we have used your logo inappropriately, please get in touch. And if you can supply a logo that we don' have, particularly one dating from pre-Internet days, we would be very glad to hear from you.

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