Kwame Anthony Appiah

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Kwame Anthony Appiah
Kwame Anthony Appiah (born 1954) is a philosopher and novelist.

He was born in London, raised in Ghana, and educated at Bryanston School and Clare College, Cambridge. His father was a Ghanaian lawyer and politician, and his mother was an author and daughter of the Labour politician Sir Stafford Cripps. He has taught philosophy and African-American studies in Ghana and the United States. He has American citizenship.

In 2016 he delivered the BBC's Reith Lectures.[1]

He lives with his husband, Henry Finder, Editorial Director of the New Yorker magazine,[2] in an apartment in Manhattan, and a home in Pennington, New Jersey, where they have a small sheep farm.[3] Appiah has written about what it was like growing up gay in Ghana.[4]


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